ACP-EU Treaty – Anything to fear?



“Fear not” Minister Kamina Johnson says, about to sign the ACP-EU agreement. But should we be concerned about it? To put it frankly, this partnership agreement is a global  poison pill for truth and family aimed at forcing destructive European ideas around sex, abortion and gender identity into the schools and legal structures of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries under threat of economic sanctions. Legally binding for twenty years, this agreement would hold Jamaica to poorly defined human rights principles, placing us culturally and ideologically under the rule of the European Union. It is therefore, most appropriate for a sovereign nation like ours, which holds our culture and values in high esteem, to delay the signing of this dangerous partnership agreement indefinitely.

Flipping wrong
In September 2022, concerning the ACP-EU agreement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said through the Minister of Information “Jamaica is not going to be party to anything that will influence our children in any such way”. Fast forward to November 10, 2023, the Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that “we are satisfied that the final Agreement reflects language that does not supersede Jamaica’s domestic legislation” before stating that the government will not sign the agreement on the November 15 date. That delay was encouraging to those of us who are concerned about the imposition of anti-family and anti God ideas on things like the school curricula of our children. In this regard, the government was wise to listen to these concerns which are representative of the concerns of over 80% of Jamaicans who wish to retain the law against buggery and the 66% that wish to retain the law against abortion. No poll has been done on whether or not same sex marriage should be taught as being normal in schools but the result of that hypothetical poll seems obvious. But now a flip back, there is nothing to fear the minister says. Is that so?

The LGBT Push Back
 It is no surprise that some persons in Jamaica want the government to sign the ACP-EU agreement. So when the Carol Narcisse led group comprised of a flurry of gender activists, pro-abortion individuals and pro-LGBT organizations came out pushing for the government to sign the document it was no shock. The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities and Jamaicans For Justice who were at the helm of the 2012 scandal re teaching homosexuality in schools, proudly joined the effort. The head of TransWave Jamaica joined Mrs. Narcisse. The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All Sexuals and Gays rebranded as Equality for All Foundation – joined in. We Change, a pro-abortion NGO joined. And of coarse, Diana Fox and the entire Gender Studies Department at UWI that is pushing the radical UWI Transgender Policy joined. Their position though, was quite interesting. These LGB, trans and abortion activists all came together with urgency to state in the most emphatic terms possible that the government should sign the ACP-EU agreement as it would NOT promote homosexuality, transgenderism or abortion! What a strange and illigical position to hold. The reality is, the dramatic interest of all the premeire pro-LGBT and pro-abortion individuals and organizations working frantically, shouting as loudly as possible, advocating as fervently as they can to get the government to sign the ACP-EU agreement means that this document is guaranteed 100% to advance the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT position in Jamaica, otherwise why would they care? To paint the picture clearly, what we have now is eight Christian NGOs who for over two years have been sounding an alarm that the ACP-EU Treaty is dangerous to our children, family structure and sovereignty; representing the vast majority of Jamaicans who want our laws to remain as is. We have fifteen pro-LGBT organizations and twenty-one pro-LGBT individuals who have been lobbying for the last two weeks, representing a minority of Jamaicans who want our laws to change to turn Jamaica into a homosexual and abortion paradise. And in the middle we have the government of Jamaica who can no longer say the ACP-EU agreement will have no effect on our laws and the future of our children; because why else would the Christian groups and the LGBT groups be at odds about it?

It now remains for the people to hold them accountable; and with a fervency equal to the weight of twenty years of Jamaican law, values and culture which hang in the balance. If the government signs it as is, they are a pro-LGBT government and should be treated as such. If they refuse to sign or enter a reservation protecting our laws and sovereignty from European influence, then they are a pro family government and should be treated as such.

Dr. Daniel Thomas
Love March Movement