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What’s God been up to?

Eleven Babies Saved!! A group of determined individuals stood praying fervently under the scorching …

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Jamaica Observer: Praying to end abortion

Jamaica joins campaign of international pro-life group In a fervent display of faith and activism, t…

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ACP-EU Treaty – Anything to fear?

    “Fear not” Minister Kamina Johnson says, about to sign the ACP-EU agreement. But should we be co…

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The Vision and Destiny of Jamaica

The Editor Sir, Emancipendence brings streams of reflection, strength and vision. As I reflect on th…

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Gleaner article
Diplomatic Bullying

Dear Editor SIR, I am so proud of Minister Kamina Johnson Smith and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs …

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Jamaica Youth Summit

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Constitutional Reform Matters 

The Editor SIR,  Recently there has been much furore ab…

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Doubly Ironic: Of Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Consent

Dear Editor Sir, As I see it, the birth of a child is a special occasion but the birth of a child [&…

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SHOCKING: Canada’s SAIL-SRHR is JFJ’s2014 programme on steroids!

Daniel Thomas is a medical doctor and president of the Love March Movement, a youth Christian NGO fo…

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Sail back from whence you came

Cha-ching ching! Just like that a billion dollars has flowed from the superbly caring hands of the C…

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