Dr. Abrahams and The Real Jesus

This piece is in response to Dr. Michael Abrahams who asked a series of questions, including the title of his article “Who are the ‘real’ Christians?”

In his article, Dr. Abrahams, who outrightly states he isn’t a Christian, seeks to tell us all who real Christians are. He quotes chunks of scripture devoid of understanding. Blindly teaching us about a Jesus he admits, he doesn’t know. He seeks to differentiate between Christians who are embracing evil in certain situations (abortion, homosexuality etc) and those that fiercely oppose these evils. His conclusions are as empty, as is his rationale, but who can blame him? He does not know light from darkness; much less to be able to differentiate a wolf in sheep’s clothing from a sheep.

Who is Jesus really?
He makes Jesus out to be someone only focussed on ‘turning the other cheek’, feeding the poor and loving your neighbour. It’s not a surprise that he’s mistaken, many believers have swallowed that lie; hook, line and sinker. Which Bible are they reading? Gentle Jesus meek and mild is only half the man. He is not only the Prince of Peace, but the Mighty Warrior. 1John 3:8 notes Jesus came “to destroy the works of the devil”. This is a trend throughout the old and new testament, in Genesis it was prophesied that He will crush the devil’s head; the fulfilment which will be seen at His second coming. At that point Dr. Abrahams will see Him in all His power; executing judgement on the nations. He taught with authority, highlighting that the scope of evil was not limited to outward activity but extended into the mind “if anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). Obviously, homosexual lust would be no different; but it is yielding to a temptation that is sin, not the temptation itself. He also equated hating your brother with murder. What do you think He would say about ripping an intrauterine child apart limb by limb??

True Love

Abrahams quotes random scripture, but does not understand what He is saying (but how can he?). For example he notes that Jesus teaches us to love God first and in an all-encompassing 1000% kind of way and that the second commandment is to love people as ourselves. Implicit is a call to love God more than people. A concept further highlighted by what may be the most important specifier in 1Corinthians 13 “love does not rejoice in evil”. This means any discussion using the word “love” cannot be devoid of a consideration of what is good and what is evil. It is no wonder then that Jesus commands us to judge well (John7:24). Psalm 97:10 further notes “Let those who love the Lord hate evil” (See also Romans12:9). Who then is “a loving Christian”?

Should Christians be involved in the formation or removal of laws?

Abrahams notes Jesus never advocated for or against any laws. While this is true, Jesus lived in the context of autocratic rule. Even so he noted to Pilate in John8:37 that the reason he came into the world was to testify to, to defend, to die for the truth (martyras). In a democracy, we, the people rule through representatives. Applying the principles shared earlier, the role of the modern day believer is clear; we must stand for truth, loving the Lord first then loving people; we can give no way to evil. We are the salt of the Earth.

Who are the followers of the devil?

The devil is described as the father of lies and a murderer in John8:44. Those who wish to advocate for the killing of the unborn, the deception of the square-circle: “same-sex marriage” or any evil; should do so understanding that they are doing the devil’s work. When you face the judgement seat of God, if you end up in hell, you would have arrived there understanding that you were on team devil this entire time. Those who don’t wish to be the devil’s lapdogs should repent and turn to Jesus, pledge your allegiance to Him and his truth. His mercies are new every morning, but his wrath can flare up in a moment and consume his enemies (Psalm 2:12). He is our loving, consuming fire.

Dr. Daniel Thomas is a medical doctor and president of the Love March Movement, youth Christian NGO for sexual purity and the family.

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