Instead of Criticizing The Church, Why Don’t You Do Something?

Dear Editor, I’ve been noticing a lot of people on social media criticizing the church for placing emphasis on homosexuality and other sexually immoral acts at the Jamaica CAUSE rally held in Half-Way-Tree last Sunday evening, saying that Jamaica has much larger issues that need to be addressed, like violence, corruption, and joblessness.

I have these questions for all the people who are criticizing the church: What are you doing? Are you taking a stand against violence, corruption and joblessness? Are you spending your time, energy and money to put on a mass rally against violence and corruption? Have you started an anti-corruption movement lately?

It is not that the church does not want to stand up against corruption. As a matter of fact, we make our stand against it all the time. We are tackling one issue at a time, and if our people can grasp the concept of righteousness and continuously apply it to their lives, all other issues will be resolved.

If you naysayers start an anti-corruption movement you will have the full support of the church, and you may just have 25,000 people coming out to the rally you organize. So consider what you can do to advance the welfare of Jamaica. In the meantime, the church will continue to play its role as salt and light in this land in order to preserve and to guide.

D Lewis

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