The Battle Of Worldviews

The Editor SIR,

This letter is in response to the news article published in the Jamaica Observer on Friday, October 23, 2020 titled, ‘The Church, homosexuality and civil laws’, which sought to portray capitulation to the LGBT agenda and demonic world culture as a must for Jamaica. Not so! Jamaica as a sovereign nation, can swim against the tide of immorality, guided by the biblical worldview.

A worldview is simply the way in which someone looks at the world; it informs the beliefs on which an individual build his or her life. Our worldview, therefore, influences attitudes and actions. Everyone has one. It is possible for one man’s worldview to trigger the corruption of an entire society by changing its laws and customs, public policy, education curricula and the minds of ordinary people including the Church. Alfred Kinsey, a sexual pervert and poor researcher was one such man, the father of the sexual revolution that has swept the west. Well thinking Jamaicans and the Church must be able to recognize and expose similar works, feeling no need to eat the fruit of that poisonous and perverted tree. We must also be ready to provide an alternate approach to human sexuality; one which dignifies, elevated bring honor and allow best for human flourishing: the biblical worldview.

With the denial of God’s design for sex, deviant and aberrant behavior has become widely acceptable, particularly in the western world. This leads to even the denial of biology, so that people are now deciding that one’s sex is a personal preference based on desire rather than a genetic and anatomical reality. The Church has been mandated by Christ to have a godly influence on culture and society. If the Church does not engage with their culture, then she becomes weak, ineffective and irrelevant; all those who follow Jesus’ call to discipleship are made by that call to be the salt of the Earth. The Church’s objective is always to lobby, to defend and preserve the freedom and truth of the gospel of Christ. She has a duty to expose lies masquerading as truths.

Every worldview makes claims about the nature of truth. In quoting Francis Schaeffer, he posits, “Truth always carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation, loving confrontation nevertheless. If our reflex action is always accommodation regardless of the centrality of the truth, there is something wrong.”

Dannieth Powell
Love March Movement

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