The Safest Sex

Dear Editor,

The National Family Planning Board (NFPB) has declared this week “Safe sex week” with the aim to push contraceptives, encourage HIV-testing and conduct activities deemed relevant for safer sex in today’s society. However, the NFPB has failed to acknowledge in their otherwise noble efforts the safest sex that exists.

Truly, mankind has made a mess of this sacred sensual act and we are left scrambling to repeatedly ‘cure’ with no commitment to prevent. Let us be reminded the adage is still valid: Prevention is better than cure!

Some of the ripple effects of “unsafe sex” plaguing our society include unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, abortions, HIV, AIDS, other STDs, unhealthy relationships, heartbreak, low self-worth, children with no guidance, and an overall weak nation. And many of these cases occur despite the use of so-called “protection”.

To determine the safest sex we must acknowledge we are sexual beings with a healthy appetite for sex — this desire is to spur on procreation. We must also acknowledge neurochemicals are transmitted in our brains when we engage in sex which literally bond us to the person we have had sex with. We must also recognise the countless studies show that sex in marriage is the most fulfilling avenue for sex. Married couples seldom seek abortions, unless the life of the child or mother is threatened. We must testify that married couples raise a greater percentage of stable children than single parents. We must not deny that children are not, should not, and will never be biologically or economically mature enough to handle sex and all that comes with it.

Having all this evidence, one can conclude that waiting until marriage to have sex is by far the safest sex. This notion, however, flies in the face of our very culture, which is riddled with the bullets of slack dancehall lyrics, entrenched in pornographic material, and entangled in the dilution of the powerful act of
sex. It stands to reason that abstinence until marriage and remaining faithful to your marriage partner, fulfilling your vows is the safest sex in existence.

Shan Hal

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