“Intense Report: LMM Shares God’s Truth and Love at “Gay- Christian Event”

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With Wonder “Can you be queer and a Christian?” That was the marketing hook for Maurice Tomlinson’s latest failed effort at faking compatibility between homosexuality and Christianity. The event which featured a heart-breaking film centered on the journeys of several members of the LGBT community from across the world in relation to “god” (they used […]

The Safest Sex

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Dear Editor, The National Family Planning Board (NFPB) has declared this week “Safe sex week” with the aim to push contraceptives, encourage HIV-testing and conduct activities deemed relevant for safer sex in today’s society. However, the NFPB has failed to acknowledge in their otherwise noble efforts the safest sex that exists. Truly, mankind has made […]

LETTER OF THE DAY – Sex Should Be Between One Man And One Woman In A Committed Relationship

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THE EDITOR, Sir: Imagine a classroom of high-school children, and a teacher warning them about the dangers of smoking. Instead of explicitly instructing the children to not smoke cigarettes and stressing how smoking causes lung cancer, she gives the students packets of cigarettes that are low in nicotine and tar content. According to the teacher, […]

NFBP Has Lost Sight Of Its Mandate

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Dear Editor, If the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) is really geared towards sexual and reproductive health, then arguments to legalize abortion should not even be considered because legalization of abortion contradicts its mandate. Efforts to circumvent the social issues that prevail will be futile if the NFPB continues to make the distribution of condoms […]