No Back-Room Teaching For Wards

Dear Editor, I am outraged at the sly attempt of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), and by extension Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC), to introduce the inappropriate programme ‘Realising Sexual and Reproductive Health Responsibly: JFJ’s Pilot Intervention in Children’s Homes’.

There are already so many perverted, deviant, unhealthy, and not least of all illegal sexual behaviors prevalent in our society that plague the promise of our nation.

Sexual education and discussions are vital to preparing our youth for the current irresponsible sexual world they live in, but shouldn’t the messages geared toward our youngsters be of abstinence? With all the burdens of teenage pregnancies, STDs and STIs, the threat of misguided abortions and the frequency of fatherlessness, one would think any sexual programme targeted at children would be one that teaches true sexual responsibility and self-control.

How curious it is that JFJ and CVC are two of the organizations that called for the silencing of Professor Bain. These organizations have adopted an “out with the old and in with the new” approach as they seek to advance their LGBT and sexual degradation agenda.

As adults, let us be the ones to hear the children cry, pick them up and soothe them; not prick their ears with the perverted tunes of a paedophilic Pied Piper whose only aim is to lure children deeper into sexual mess. May we wake up to the horrible reality that has slipped into the back door of these children’s homes and other facets of society, and may it spur us on to play our part in protecting the true vulnerable of our society — the children.

Jermaine Smith,
Love March Movement

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