Religious Unity At Mass Rally Heart-Warming


There was a strong sense of community at the Jamaica CAUSE rally held on Sunday, June 29 in Half-Way Tree Square. Interestingly, I’m not referring to the Christians or church groups who are predominantly in one accord. I am specifically referring to the Muslims and Rastafarians.

Every Saturday morning (and other times, I presume), a sect of the Rastafarian community gathers in Papine for their religious ceremony, which I have been privileged to witness first- hand. The worship service is vibrant and colorful and excerpts from the Book of Psalms are read, even though there is a strong denunciation of the Christian Gospel.

I have never experienced a Muslim worship service, but I have heard tales of the peaceful and serene format saturated with prayer and chanting.

These two minority religious groups in Jamaica saw the need to partner with a Christian rally in support of keeping the buggery law and not succumbing to the LGBT agenda being thrust upon our nation. I often wondered if they felt out of place as worship songs and prayers were being extolled to another God; or if Queen Ifrica felt offended when pastors called her front and center to receive prayer.

Nevertheless, it encouraged my heart that despite religious differences, the citizens of Jamaica could be united and fervent in lobbying for morality to be upheld in our nation. THAT is what I would consider showing true respect for all – tolerance, equality and diversity at its best.


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