Intense Report: Daniel asks ACP-EU Question at MOE Town Hall

On Friday, September 9, 2022, two LMM team members made their way to Jamaica College, for the Ministry of Education’s Town Hall event. Several ministers of government, technocrats, and senators were in attendance, with the Minister of Education Fayval Williams and Prime Minister Andrew Holness taking center stage. The Education sector has been under a microscope due to the reopening of schools and especially due to the crisis of teachers migrating, both featured in mainstream news heavily. A much bigger threat, which has been shelved by our largest media companies is the threat of the devious ACP-EU treaty (Click here for a short summary of the concerns), , and it’s the impact on the sovereignty of ACP countries, parental rights and the education sectors of signing nations; which would be forced to teach comprehensive sexuality education.

After an exceedingly long and informative presentation by the Prime Minister, the floor was opened for questions. Several persons including both team members, Sarah Webster and Daniel Thomas, raised their hands and Daniel was selected to ask his question second. Against the background of knowledge of previous efforts of the JCHS to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who demonstrated their commitment to signing the ACP-EU Treaty invalidating almost every legitimate concern raised; as well as no responses from the Office of the Prime Minister or the Ministry of Education, Daniel knew that what was needed was a breakthrough; a miracle. His prayer, as his heart raced with nervousness was “Lord, a little stone in your sling…”

He asked:  “I speak as a parent, concerned citizen, and the president of the Love March Movement, a youth Christian NGO for sexual purity and the family.

The JCHS has written to the OPM – in July 2021 and May 2022 – and MOEY in May 2022 about this and with no response.

Why Is the Jamaican government still planning to sign the ACP-EU agreement given the serious issues with the agreement; for example, CSE in Article 48 – paragraph 7- Caribbean Protocol- which would compel us to teach morally corrupt European ideas on sex, family and gender to students – and is legally binding for twenty years with no exception and with the threat of sanctions? We would love to meet with representatives of the MOE and OPM to discuss this serious threat to our sovereignty, parental rights and minds of our children.”

Minister Williams then invited LMM to meet with her! That is much progress, coming from no response at all to emails that the JCHS had sent to the ministry. Prime Minister Holness noted that he not only saw the video(s) but inquired regarding the claims expressed in the video about comprehensive sexuality education and was told “that there wasn’t anything to be worried about”. He, however, noted the deep concern in the question and committed to looking into it again. The most unexpected thing happened next. Minister Robert Nesta Morgan stood up, apologized for the interruption, and said “while the comment was being made the Minister of Foreign Affairs was actually listening and she wrote to us and said “Jamaica is not going to be a party to any such thing to influence our children in any such way” to the applause of the audience. Prime Minister then noted, “that was the assurance she gave me when I spoke to her, so I am glad, I am glad that she was listening and was able to respond”.

The Lord in His excellence has allowed these comments be a matter of public record. Now, the battle isn’t won. What we have is a moment of breakthrough, a foot in the door, accomplishing in three minutes more than what has been gained in months of profamily work. But where the Lord is at work, the devil is also at work. We stand committed to praying and working this through to completion for the protection of the next twenty years of Jamaica’s youth and the entire nation from this very evil agenda. We will push to meet with the Ministry of Education, follow up with the Office of the Prime Minister and continue to seek the Lord’s face for strategic and Spirit-filled action. Stand with us!

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