“Intense Report: LMM Shares God’s Truth and Love at “Gay- Christian Event”

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With Wonder “Can you be queer and a Christian?” That was the marketing hook for Maurice Tomlinson’s latest failed effort at faking compatibility between homosexuality and Christianity. The event which featured a heart-breaking film centered on the journeys of several members of the LGBT community from across the world in relation to “god” (they used […]

The Battle Of Worldviews

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The Editor SIR, This letter is in response to the news article published in the Jamaica Observer on Friday, October 23, 2020 titled, ‘The Church, homosexuality and civil laws’, which sought to portray capitulation to the LGBT agenda and demonic world culture as a must for Jamaica. Not so! Jamaica as a sovereign nation, can […]

No Back-Room Teaching For Wards

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Dear Editor, I am outraged at the sly attempt of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), and by extension Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC), to introduce the inappropriate programme ‘Realising Sexual and Reproductive Health Responsibly: JFJ’s Pilot Intervention in Children’s Homes’. There are already so many perverted, deviant, unhealthy, and not least of all illegal sexual behaviors prevalent […]

Instead of Criticizing The Church, Why Don’t You Do Something?

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Dear Editor, I’ve been noticing a lot of people on social media criticizing the church for placing emphasis on homosexuality and other sexually immoral acts at the Jamaica CAUSE rally held in Half-Way-Tree last Sunday evening, saying that Jamaica has much larger issues that need to be addressed, like violence, corruption, and joblessness. I have […]


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Dear Editor, The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All Sexuals and Gays hosted an event last weekend called #Out4Jesus. It was an attempt to be pridefully homosexual while believing the lie that God accepts certain evil acts as good. It is against this background that I share the following thoughts: Do not be deceived. The sexually […]